nanowrimo 2016 | week two | not much to update on.

tuesday november 8th
I wrote nothing.
words written: 0
word count: 10,463

wednesday november 9th
So yesterday I didn't write a single word. It was election day in the United States, and it was stressful and crazy and I couldn't find the energy or the motivation to write anything for my story. This morning I woke up and found out the news and feel so drained and sad. It's been a long day and I've been torn on whether or not to push myself to write today.
words written: 322
word count: 10,785

thursday november 10th
words written: 0
word count: 10,785

friday november 11th
I finally got around to writing today. Not as much as I wanted, but after having a few very rough days I'm glad to be getting back into the swing of things.
words written: 1,480
word count: 12,265

saturday november 12th
It's getting easier to want to write, but I feel like this weekend is a bit busy for me that I might not be able to catch up just yet. I'm really trying to push through and write as much as I can everyday.
words written: 980
word count: 13,245

sunday november 13th
I still haven't caught up.
words written: 1,405
word count: 14,650

monday november 14th
words written: 1,438
word count: 16,088

I'm going to try to update better this coming week. We're at the halfway point and I'm just using all my energy to try to catch up that I'm forgetting to update. Election day and the day after really screwed me up and from the looks of it, for a lot of other people in the United States that had the same feelings regarding the results. Here's hoping that this coming week is a hell of a lot better.

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