nanowrimo 2016 | last two days | it's over

tuesday november 29th
worked all day. tried to write.
words written: 850
word count: 43,200

wednesday november 30th
I have to write 6,800 words today. Compared to last year this isn't such a big deal, so I think I've got this!
11:00 am - Okay, I did the things I had to get out of the way to start writing. Let's go!
1:00 pm - I just participated in a 1k30min challenge in the NaNoWordSprints twitter, and I got 951 words! I was so close to getting the 1k, but still this is good!
1:21 pm - Total word count is currently 45,016. I'm going to go eat something, clean up a bit, and then come back.
3:52 pm - After an unexpected run to the post office, I'm back and writing.
5:53 pm - I have 3,968 words left to write, and about 6 hours. There's a 1k30min coming up at 5:55, hopefully I can get close to 1,000 more words.
7:36 pm - Only 3,000 words left!
9:36 pm - Just finished another sprint, and I'm up to 48,582 words right now. I'm getting there!
10:32 pm - Had some pizza and got up to 49,063. Ahhh!!! I'm so close!! I'm gonna go put on my winner shirt that I pre-ordered and at one point thought I would have to throw out.
11:17 pm - I did it. I actually did it. I won NaNoWriMo for the second time with 50,061 words written total.
words written: 6,861
total words written: 50,061

summary // november 2016
This month was insane to say the least. I knew I was setting myself up for a challenge attempting to take on NaNoWriMo once again. This was my third year attempting it and I thought maybe last year's win was a fluke, so I needed to prove it to myself that I could do it especially a year where I had an idea for a story that I loved. I hit a point where I honestly thought that there was no way I was going to make it. That time during the election and the week and that follow were really tough for me. I didn't feel like writing anything, and when I did I was just pushing myself to write anything for the sake of writing.
Then I hit a point around Thanksgiving where I was stressing myself out in more ways than one. Work was killing me. The aftermath of the election was constant. The holiday/gift buying stress was beginning. And then ultimately the panic of whether or not I  could catch up with the word count.
Overall I'm glad I did it. It pushed me in more ways than one and I proved it to myself which is the most important part of it all. I also now have a base of as story that I can continue to work with.

nanowrimo 2016 | week four | freaking out

tuesday november 22nd
I got some coffee with my sister after a long day of work that went on even longer than it should have. I was so tired that all I wanted to do was take a shower and sleep until November was over, but I had to get to writing.
words written: 1,054
word count: 31,060

wednesday november 23rd
I had to work today, but it was only a half day and even then I couldn't write that much more than yesterday when I actually had like the craziest work day ever.
words written: 1,514
word count: 32,574

thursday november 24th
Happy Thanksgiving! And now onto the sad part...
I think the stress of falling behind has finally hit me, and I'm sorting of freaking out. I thought I would be able to catch up, but I just keep hitting these slumps. It's weird because there are days where I feel like writing 2,000 words is so easy and then there are other days where I'm struggling to get like 100 words out. Also saw Fantastic Beasts today.
words written: 1,306
word count: 33,880

friday november 25th
I really had nothing planned for today, but somehow ended up with almost no time to do anything. I thought I wasn't going to do the whole Black Friday mall shopping thing and then I found myself at the mall for like three or four hours. Worst. Idea. Ever.
Also Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life came out today and that just destroyed my writing time. Do I regret it? Not right now.
words written: 646
word count: 34,526

saturday november 26th
Okay, so a little recap of the past few days. I was exhausted. Big time. Physically and mentally. Which you can probably tell by the amount of words I got done yesterday. It was painful. This month has been one of the craziest, most exhausting (can't think of another word) ones of my life. I can't wait for December. I could really use some holiday cheer right about now.
Now onto what happened today:
Today I was actually a lot busier than I have been, but somehow managed to get out words. I think that was partially due to the fact that I went to a cafe with my sister and we hung out there for about an hour. That kind of got the story flowing, and made it easier to just keep writing.
words written: 2,334
word count: 36,860

sunday november 27th
I stayed up past midnight on Saturday and kept going with the "flow" I was feeling and wrote another 1,000 words by 1:00 am.
words written: 3,337
word count: 40,197

monday november 28th
At this point I'm just pushing myself to write. There's moments where I remember why I love my story, and that helps motivate me to keep on writing. But then I look at how much time I have left, and I start freaking out. Again.
words written: 2,153
word count: 42,350

nanowrimo 2016 | week three | things are looking up

tuesday november 15th
Today was the halfway point of NaNoWriMo and as we all can see by my word count and its progression, I am nowhere near the halfway point. I'm going to go and try to write now without feeling like I'm drowning. k bye.
words written: 1,070
word count: 17,158

wednesday november 16th
I attempted a new approach today and did some writing by hand. I've noticed I'm able to concentrate more on just the content when I write by hand. The only thing is my hand cramps up and then I have to either count the words or type them up after to add them onto my word document. Also, I feel like I could have gotten more words in since I didn't work today, but I mismanaged my time and here we are.
words written: 1,851
word count: 19,009

thursday november 17th
I did some more hand writing. I didn't get much words in. Ugh! I'm digging myself into a deeper hole.
words written: 921
word count: 19,930

friday november 18th
12:24 pm - Well, hello. We're back with the time stamps today. I've been trying some of the NaNoWriMo twitter word sprints which have been helping a ton. Don't underestimate the power of word sprints! I've written 1,186 words alone on just sprints. I don't have to work today which will give me more time to try to crank out words.
9:45 pm - I wrote about 1,000 more words in the past hour or so. I'm going to try to get 1,000 more for today.
I'm slowly, but surely catching up. Thanks to the word sprints!
words written: 3,092
word count: 23,022

saturday november 19th
I ended up having a busy day, and didn't get time to sit down and right until around 7ish.
words written: 2,411
word count: 25,433

sunday november 20th
I had planned to spend a large chunk of time writing today, but I ended doing some stuff with my family and just ran out of time. I at least got the minimum word count in for the day. I sort of calculated what I have to do to catch up and figured out that I have to write 3,000 words each day for the next three days if I want to catch up before the 30th. I don't know if that's going to happen because tomorrow I have a crazy work day. Tuesday is another crazy work day and then I was planning on going to see Fantastic Beasts that day as well. So, I don't know how this is going to go, but I'm going to try so hard to win.
words written: 2,077
word count: 27,510

monday november 21st
It doesn't seem like it, but I really struggled to get the words down today. I did a lot skipping around, but at least I hit the 30k mark!
words written: 2,496
word count: 30,006

nanowrimo 2016 | week two | not much to update on.

tuesday november 8th
I wrote nothing.
words written: 0
word count: 10,463

wednesday november 9th
So yesterday I didn't write a single word. It was election day in the United States, and it was stressful and crazy and I couldn't find the energy or the motivation to write anything for my story. This morning I woke up and found out the news and feel so drained and sad. It's been a long day and I've been torn on whether or not to push myself to write today.
words written: 322
word count: 10,785

thursday november 10th
words written: 0
word count: 10,785

friday november 11th
I finally got around to writing today. Not as much as I wanted, but after having a few very rough days I'm glad to be getting back into the swing of things.
words written: 1,480
word count: 12,265

saturday november 12th
It's getting easier to want to write, but I feel like this weekend is a bit busy for me that I might not be able to catch up just yet. I'm really trying to push through and write as much as I can everyday.
words written: 980
word count: 13,245

sunday november 13th
I still haven't caught up.
words written: 1,405
word count: 14,650

monday november 14th
words written: 1,438
word count: 16,088

I'm going to try to update better this coming week. We're at the halfway point and I'm just using all my energy to try to catch up that I'm forgetting to update. Election day and the day after really screwed me up and from the looks of it, for a lot of other people in the United States that had the same feelings regarding the results. Here's hoping that this coming week is a hell of a lot better.

NaNoWriMo 2016 | Week One Updates

Tuesday November 1st
12:15 am - Here we go. I'm going to try to write something, but I don't want to stay up too late because I'm waking up early tomorrow to try to get words in before work.
9:00 pm - I overslept this morning and didn't end up writing anything before work.
11:54 pm - I'm trying to write as much as I can right now. My computer kept freezing, and after some googling I found out that it's one of the extensions on the chrome browser. Back to writing for the last few minutes of day one!

Wednesday November 2nd
3:55 pm - I'm just starting to write right now. I had the day off today, but I woke up late and had to do some stuff before I could sit down and write.
7:01 pm - I forgot to update earlier, but I wrote for about 45 minutes and got about 300 words. I went to Starbucks, and got some coffe and am getting back to writing now.
9:18 pm - For chunks of time I sort of find my groove and write a slew of words. Then at some point I hit a wall. Also I was watching NaNoWriMo vlogs, and I can't remember which one it was, but when I have time I'll look for it and add it, and she mentioned something about changing the color of the text to represent something you want to edit later on. So for me I've done red text for stuff that I possibly want to cut out, purple for stuff that I need to move around, and blue for stuff that I need to expand on.
11:31 pm - I'm going to stop writing now. I'm at 3,405 words total which means I met the word goal for today. I don't know how tomorrow is going to turn out. I have to work until pretty late, but I have nothing planned for the evening which hopefully means I can crank out 1,667 words.

Thursday November 3rd
9:34 pm - I am just getting time to write, right now.

Friday November 4th
9:03 pm - I forgot to update the rest of yesterday and this morning, but I wrote around 700 words this morning. I did a couple of the NaNoWriMo hosted word sprints which helped me get about 400 words. I've also been updating my outline and bullet journal as I go. My outline slightly changed since yesterday, and I hadn't written it out so I lost my way for a bit, but I've re-outlined some parts and I think I'm back on track.
10:10 pm - My current word total is 6,703 and I want to see if I can get a few hundred more to reach the 7,000 mark.
11:02 pm - I'm going to stop now. I wrote a little more than I had to just in case, but I haven't watched an episode of Gilmore Girls in four days so I'm going to do that now.

Saturday November 5th
Bad writing day.

Sunday November 6th
I had sort of the same writing day as yesterday. I haven't hit a wall within the story, it's just one of those days where I felt like I was pulling the words out. I didn't feel like writing and I was forcing myself to just get the words on the page.

Monday November 7th
12:46 am - I have a super busy day today, so I'm trying to ride the momentum of what I was writing right before midnight. I've already written half of what I wrote yesterday in 45 minutes. I really hope I don't fall behind. I'm going to try to catch up while the word count difference isn't that big.
8:45 pm - I've been writing for a little bit. I worked until 6 today, and then I came home ate dinner. It took me a minute to settle down and start writing, but I've been writing at steady pace, hoping to keep this going.
11:24 pm - I hit 10,000 words! Finally. That was yesterday's goal, and since there's only 36 minutes left in the day, I highly doubt I'm going to reach today's word goal of 11,666.