The Other Stuff | #1

This post is a little different than the rest of the blog. It's where I'll talk about things that I'm currently really liking such as TV, movies, music, food...basically anything that isn't books.

Part of the reason for my reading slump a couple months ago was Netflix, More specifically, Friends. I sort of stopped watching it when I got back into reading, but I'm hoping to finish watching the rest of it soon.

I've also been watching as many of the Women's World Cup games as I can. Some of these games have been surprising. Teams that no one is expecting much of are showing up. I'm excited for the United States tonight playing against Sweden. It's going to be a good one.

I've been listening to a few playlists on 8tracks. Most recently I've been listening to this P.S. I Still Love You playlist. I still have to read the book, but I will soon.

 I've also been listening to the (somewhat) new Sleeping With Sirens album. "Fly", "Go Go Go", and "Better Off Dead" are some of my favorite tracks off the album.

That's pretty much it for now. I thought I would do these every once in a while. Something a little different than my other posts. What have you been enjoying lately? Any good movies, songs, or television shows?

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  1. I'm currently reading P.S. I Still Love You and it's so good!!! Can't get enough of it.