March & April 2015 | Book Haul

Hello! As usual I wasn't expecting to get that many books after my February book haul. At the end of March I looked at what I had and I really didn't have that many books, so I decided to hold off on a haul. In April I got three more books and here we are.

So the first two books I got in March were All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven and Seraphina by Rachel Hartman.  I got both of these from my local bookstore. My sister gave me a giftcard from there for Christmas and I needed to use it (not really, but who cares). I haven't heard much about these two, but the covers are really pretty. I wish I would have remembered to take a picture of All the Bright Places under the cover because it has really cool little details. I love it when books have great details like that.

The next book I picked up in March was George Orwell's Why I Write. Ariel Bisett on BookTube is a huge George Orwell fan, and has made me more interested in reading more of his work. Then in April I got The Assassin's Blade in paperback. I still haven't read Crown of Midnight, but I will get to it soon! Oh, and I got both of these from Barnes and Noble.

Later on this month I went to The Strand and sold some books I owned that I had read and wasn't got to reread or books I just wasn't ever going to get to. With the store credit I picked out Cassey Ho's Hot Body Year Round and Ms. Marvel Vol. 2, Generation Why. I really like the Blogilates videos, and the book basically puts it all together. I got it mostly for the recipes, and the extra bits of information regarding a healthy lifestyle. 

That's it for now. Next month I'm going to Bookcon. I don't know if it will be anything like last year, but I'm hoping there will still be free books. That was my favorite part of it last time. Bye!

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