DIY: Valentine's Day Cards & Treat Bags

Welcome to the very first D.I.Y. of the blog. I'm currently reading A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall, and was inspired by the cover to make some Valentines. Then I remembered Lara Jean in To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han and the love letters she wrote. I decided to combine the two, and I came up with this D.I.Y.

I found all of the items to decorate the cards and the cards with envelopes at Target from the dollar section. You can probably find these things at any arts and crafts store, but I've linked some places online.

Items that you'll need:

I didn't use the exact items that I linked because I couldn't find the exact ones that I used, but you'll still end up with the same end result. There aren't any real instructions to make these Valentines. Just try to have fun with it.

I created a border along the bottom of the treat bag, and envelope with the washi tape. I also added some along the border of the flap of the envelope, and added a sticker to cover where the tape ended.

I then added the stamp sticker to the corner of the envelope to make it look like an actual letter. The card stock that I've linked isn't the right size for the envelope, so you'll just need to cut that down to size. You could also use scallop scissors to add a border to the card.

I glued the doilies onto the front of the treat bags. You can put it either on the front or back, it's up to you. I would suggest using a clear glue stick. If you use liquid glue it will wrinkle the doilies, and possibly leak through the bag.

I made various versions of the treat bag. This one was pretty simple. It's just a sticker on top of the doilie. For this one I layered light pink colored construction paper and the center of a doilie on top of another doilie. 
Finally, you'll need some candy (what ever kind you like, it just has to be small) to fill up the bags.

And that's it! There's not much to it, but I thought this would be a good place to start for the first D.I.Y. of the blog.

If you love To All The Boys I've Loved Before make sure to check out the playlist inspired by (and made by my sister, Katherine) the book. Maybe play it while you work on this D.I.Y.


  1. OMG this is soooo cute!! I adore crafting! Lovely idea and photography. I haven't read To All the Boys I've Loved Before yet, but it seems like the perfect book to go with this post.

    Sarah @ Novels & Whimsy

    1. Thank you! If you like YA contemporaries, you should definitely read it.