nanowrimo 2016 | week four | freaking out

tuesday november 22nd
I got some coffee with my sister after a long day of work that went on even longer than it should have. I was so tired that all I wanted to do was take a shower and sleep until November was over, but I had to get to writing.
words written: 1,054
word count: 31,060

wednesday november 23rd
I had to work today, but it was only a half day and even then I couldn't write that much more than yesterday when I actually had like the craziest work day ever.
words written: 1,514
word count: 32,574

thursday november 24th
Happy Thanksgiving! And now onto the sad part...
I think the stress of falling behind has finally hit me, and I'm sorting of freaking out. I thought I would be able to catch up, but I just keep hitting these slumps. It's weird because there are days where I feel like writing 2,000 words is so easy and then there are other days where I'm struggling to get like 100 words out. Also saw Fantastic Beasts today.
words written: 1,306
word count: 33,880

friday november 25th
I really had nothing planned for today, but somehow ended up with almost no time to do anything. I thought I wasn't going to do the whole Black Friday mall shopping thing and then I found myself at the mall for like three or four hours. Worst. Idea. Ever.
Also Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life came out today and that just destroyed my writing time. Do I regret it? Not right now.
words written: 646
word count: 34,526

saturday november 26th
Okay, so a little recap of the past few days. I was exhausted. Big time. Physically and mentally. Which you can probably tell by the amount of words I got done yesterday. It was painful. This month has been one of the craziest, most exhausting (can't think of another word) ones of my life. I can't wait for December. I could really use some holiday cheer right about now.
Now onto what happened today:
Today I was actually a lot busier than I have been, but somehow managed to get out words. I think that was partially due to the fact that I went to a cafe with my sister and we hung out there for about an hour. That kind of got the story flowing, and made it easier to just keep writing.
words written: 2,334
word count: 36,860

sunday november 27th
I stayed up past midnight on Saturday and kept going with the "flow" I was feeling and wrote another 1,000 words by 1:00 am.
words written: 3,337
word count: 40,197

monday november 28th
At this point I'm just pushing myself to write. There's moments where I remember why I love my story, and that helps motivate me to keep on writing. But then I look at how much time I have left, and I start freaking out. Again.
words written: 2,153
word count: 42,350

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