So Much Outlander! | Weekend Reads

I have a feeling that this month's wrap up will consist of only one book, and maybe if I'm lucky a graphic novel. Basically, Outlander has consumed my life. Whether that's a good or bad thing---I don't know.

This all started when I bought Outlander on my kindle, because it was $2.99 (probably still is). Some time after that I watched the first part of season one. My sister saw all of season one, and became so obsessed with it that she bought the anniversary edition with bookmark ribbon and all. Fast forward a few months when it occurred to me that we should read the book together.

The following was my thought process which lead me to the decision that February was the perfect time to read Outlander:
February = Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day = Love
Outlander = Jamie
Jamie = Love

We're supposed to be reading ten chapters a week which doesn't seem like that much, but these chapters are so long. Even reading it on my kindle feels like a drag. Don't get me wrong I'm enjoying it so far, but sometimes it's a struggle to get through a single chapter especially when I'm a slow reader (at least compared to the majority of book lovers/book bloggers). I'm thinking about modifying the schedule so that I can get another book in while reading Outlander, but I'll have to check with my sister first. That's pretty much what all of February has been like and probably what my weekend will consist of as well.

I don't know if it's because I'm reading the book now, or because the second season is starting soon, but I feel like I'm seeing Outlander/Jamie/Scottish related things everywhere now. There are coloring books, t-shirts, Funko Pops---there's just so much Outlander.

Has anyone read it or want to read it? I'll keep you posted on my progress...if there even is any.


  1. I have definitely been seeing Outlander everywhere which is alright because I love it! Though with every new thing released my credit card has to hide ahah. The books themselves (at least the first 3 I've read) can be pretty slow reads because of both the length and writing style - I'm usually a slow reader as well. Perhaps reading another at the same time will be a good idea :) happy reading!
    Enchanted by YA

    1. Thanks! I just saw that The Bookish Box is putting out a one time Outlander themed box, and now my sister is eyeing it. I just picked up another book, so I'm going to see if I can sort of alternate between the two and maybe throw in a comic or graphic novel here and there.