The Other Stuff | #2

This is where I get into things that I'm currently really liking. Anything from music to food to toys. If it isn't a book, this is where I talk about it.

"Hero" by Family of the Year
I found this song like most people did, through Boyhood. That has become one of my favorite movies after watching it earlier this year.

I made a playlist with some of the songs I've been listening to. Take a listen if that's what you fancy.

Once Upon a Time
I remember saying to myself as I scrolled through Netflix, "Oh, Once Upon a Time. I've heard of that show. I'll just watch the first episode to see what it's about." Well, fast forward four seasons later, and here I am highly anticipating the fifth season that's premiering this coming Sunday.

Oscar's Hotel
This is a webseries created by PJ Liguori or KickthePJ on YouTube. This stars a ton of YouTubers, and a couple of non-YouTubers. It's a cool series about a hotel that is occupied by an assortment of creatures/monsters. The pilot is up on YouTube, and you can get a season pass for the series on Vimeo.

Pop Vinyl Figures
Kind of a weird topic, but it is what it is. I'm excited for the release of some television Pop Vinyl Figures. Specifically, Sherlock, Friends, and of course Once Upon a Time. I wouldn't say I collect these, but I do own more than a few.

That's it for now. What have you been into lately?


  1. I just started the Frozen season of OUAT on Netflix. I've been seeing previews for the premier of season 5 and I'm like Emma's the dark one?!?!?! I should probably ignore spoilers like that!! I just started getting into those Funko Pop figures. They're so freaking cute! I want allll the Harry Potter ones for sure. The Friends and the OUAT ones are cool too. I wish they would make Mean Girls and Dawson's Creek and The Golden Girls. I'd definitely buy all of those as well!

    1. The Frozen season was the main reason I wanted to start watching the show. It was kind of hard to avoid the promos for season 5. They were all over the place! I can't wait til the new Funkos are released.