DIY | make your own TBR Jar!

This year I'm doing a TBR jar again. Last year I made a slight attempt at it. Some months I picked a book out and read it, sometimes I picked one out and I wouldn't read it until a month later. After a while I stopped picking them out, but that was because of the whole reading slump.
This time I thought I would make it a bit more exciting. I didn't have an actual jar last time, it was a pouch from Fandom of the Month Club subscription box. Which was fine, but it wasn't the same as picking out of a jar. 
So this isn't really a DIY tutorial, but more of a "look this is how I made it, maybe you want to do it too?"


  • a mason jar
  • washi tape
  • alphabet stickers
  • deco stickers
  • paper 
  • pen
  • scissors


Write out your TBR list on a sheet of paper. Cut out the titles creating long strips. Fold the strips and then use a small piece of washi tape to keep it together.

If you're using a tomato sauce jar or something like that you're going to want to remove all of the labels. You can do that by running the jar under warm water and using a rough sponge. (There's probably another way to do this, but this is how I was able to remove the labels from the jar I used.)

Before decorating the jar make sure it's completely dry. Now go ahead and decorate your jar!
I used alphabet stickers to spell out TBR Jar. Then I used some deco stickers from two Etsy shops. The stack of books stickers are from Fox and Cactus, and the girl reading stickers are from The Littlest Planner

I used washi to decorate the lid, but you could probably use some scrapbook paper, use the lid to trace the size you need and then glue it on. But I didn't have any that I liked.

Now put your TBR picks inside the jar. Shake them around, and pick out your first TBR read!


  1. This is so pretty :) However as much as I love the idea of TBR jars - I would totally cheat lol. Just the classic, best out of three or something, since I'm terrible at sticking to my TBR goals lol. Lovely post!

    1. Thank you! I completely failed last year, but I'm willing to try it out again this year.