Addicted to Netflix. Again.

This is where I get into the things that I'm currently really liking. Basically, if it isn't a book, this is where I talk about it. I haven't done one of these posts since September of last year! I guess it really hasn't been that long, but here are a few items that aren't books that I've been into so far.

Delirium | Ellie Goulding
I checked this out from the library on a whim. It was in the new releases display. I bought Halcyon, her previous album, and a handful of songs that she put out before then. Delirium is definitely a different sound than her other albums, but it's still true to Ellie Goulding if that makes any sense. Essentially the core of the songs are still there, it's just a different style in sound, but not so drastic that you can't tell it's her music. Check out: "We Can't Move To This"

Six of Crows Playlists | 8tracks
One of my favorite parts about reading this book has been the playlists. The first playlist that I found that I loved is everybody wants by tatertatra. If you're the type of reader that doesn't like listening to songs with words while you're reading then I would suggest no mourners. no funerals. by ruminated love.

Gran Hotel | Netflix
This is a Spanish historical drama that ran from 2011 to 2013 for three seasons. I had only heard of it until recently because it got remade into a Mexican telenovela (soap opera), and my mom was telling me to look into the original. I ended up finding all three seasons on Netflix, so one afternoon my mom, sister and I all got together to simply watch the first episode to see what it was all about. Well, you probably know how this ended. We basically marathoned the entire first season in a day and a half. It's so good. Instead of attempting to pathetically describe it here is an excerpt from Shows You Should Be Watching: 'Gran Hotel' on Netflix from the Tampa Bay Times.
Set in a fictional seaside Spanish town in the early 1900s, Gran Hotel (also called "Grand Hotel" on Netflix) follows the inner workings of a fancy hotel (just wired for electricity!) and the ruthless Alarc√≥n family that owns it and will stop at nothing to keep owning it. Think Downton Abbey on steroids in Spain. But with less #richpeopleproblems, more murder. 
Also, there are English subtitles, so don't worry. If all this isn't enough to persuade you to watch then maybe Julio will.

I still have to watch most of the second season and third, but I love it so much already. I was able to catch the first episode of the Mexican remake, but it's just not the same. I've already built a strong liking to the Spanish actors' portrayal of the characters, and the way the story is presented.


These are candles that are named after authors. The smaller ones come in a square tin, and the bigger ones are in a traditional glass candle container. I had been eyeing these for a while. I remember seeing them in my local bookstore the first time and loving the Edgar Allan Poe one. A few weeks ago they had a sale where they were 40% off so I had to get them, obviously. I ended up getting them for $6 after the discount. The company's website has them listed for $15, but if you search them you can probably find them cheaper.

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