ACOTAR Masquerade Mask | DIY: Halloween Edition

We're gonna get a little crafty in this post. Halloween is in a few days and you don't have a costume. No problem.

The people of Tamlin's court in A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas all are under a curse in which they can't remove the masks they wore during a particular masquerade ball.

This is the perfect last minute Halloween costume. All you need is some party clothes and a mask. Here I'll be showing you how I made a masquerade mask.

What you'll need:
Paper (Thick computer paper, card stock or construction paper)
Liquid glue
Small paint brush
2 liter soda bottle or any big round container.

I looked up outlines for masks and ended up using this one. I blew up the picture on my computer and traced it onto two pieces of white paper.

Trace just the mask first, not the eyes. Cut out two masks. Place the mask (without the eye holes) onto your face and lightly mark where your eyes are then trace the eye holes and cut them out on both pieces of paper. If you want to use string or ribbon to put your mask on, you can punch out holes for that now.

For this next step you'll need the bottle, glue, paint and paint brush. Place one of the paper masks you cut out on the side of the bottle. [I used a protein powder container.] Put some glue out on a paper plate or another piece of paper and brush it onto the your paper mask.

Next take your the second paper mask you cut out and place it on top of the glue. Wash your brush, and then you can paint your mask.

After you've painted your mask, let it dry on the soda bottle. This will give it the rounded shape, so that it'll fit your face shape.

After the paint has dried you can begin decorating it. This is the part where you can get creative. I didn't really know how I wanted this to look exactly, but I looked up some pictures to guide me. Specifically this one.

Eventually I think I'm going to add a paper straw or maybe paint a pencil and glue it to my mask so that I can hold it up. If you punched out holes you can add some string, ribbon, or elastic. I forgot to punch out the holes and then I couldn't because I had added glitter where the holes would have to go.

And there you have it! Just add some fancy party attire and you're ready for a masquerade ball (or Halloween).

BTW: If you enjoyed this ACOTAR post, check back Friday for an ACOTAR inspired recipe.

Happy Halloween!

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